commission work.

To  commission a piece from artist Dave Sotogi you will need to consult with him, either on site at your place or at his studio, or even just via email to determine what would best suit you and your taste - a quote would then be given to you via email. With commission work, a 50% deposit of the quote is required before work commences, then the balance to be paid on completion, pick-up or delivery/installation of the artwork. Dave can work from photos, sketches or just an idea, and  can paint practically anything, so nothing is beyond his capability and he loves a challenge. Below are just a few samples...

McDonalds CEO Commission.

This painting was commissioned by the CEO of McDonalds Corporation New Zealand, Patrick Wilson, in 2012 when he was appointed the position. It was the first time in the organisation that a New Zealander had been made CEO in over 20 years, so he wanted a painting for his office that would depict his journey at the company and also show he is a proud Kiwi.

Michael Meredith Commission.

This commissioned piece was requested by Michael Meredith, master chef and owner of the 2011 Metro Restaurant of the Year - Merediths. The painting is a depiction of Michael the Archangel which has particular meaning and significance to Mr. Meredith, so Dave Sotogi set out to paint it like an old stained glass window which is what was requested. This shows the versatility that the artist has in painting in a variety of styles and techniques.

UK Commission.

This painting was commissioned by a client in the United Kingdom. He wanted Dave Sotogi to create a portrait of his mother-in-law, who passed away at Christmas time 2009, to give as a Christmas present for his wife in 2010. The whole commission process was done via email, with the client sending photos and background stories, etc to the artist. The painting was completed and sent via FEDEX and arrived in the north of England on Christmas Eve, just in the nick of time.

Canterbury, New Zealand   I

All artwork by Dave Sotogi and deSotogi fine art © 2003-2019 All rights reserved.


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